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Ways to work with me

Everyone is individual, and everyone likes to learn and improve their life in different ways.

This is why there are several ways to get Gut Happy, either by working with me directly, by joining one of my online programs, or by following my meal plans.

Have a look below to see which option suits you best.

1-0-1 Private coaching

Do you feel ready to take on the world every Sunday night, but come Monday, you find it difficult to follow through on your own?

Do you want to really work on your specific digestive issues, but are not sure where to start or what to do?

Let me be your ally, accountability partner and let's create a suitable action plan together that you know you'll find easy to follow.

I can provide you with nutrition advice, wellness coaching, recipes and action plans.

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12 week Gut Health & Wellness Course

The Happy Gut Coach signature course!

Every week, you learn a new topic with a focus on digestive health. Mindset, nutrition basics, the working of your digestive system, inflammation, toxins, liver support, microbiome function, sleep stress and mindfulness, movement and more.

The course includes:

  • Weekly course material

  • Downloadable cheat sheets, recipes and checklists

  • Meal prep video tutorials

12 week program


12 week program
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Coming soon

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