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Making habits matter.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Most of you have habits in place. Such as brushing your teeth before going to bed. This is a good thing as it makes sure you teeth are clean. Kind of makes sense right?

You most likely don't even think of it when you get ready for bed. When you get to a stage that you don't have to think about it anymore, you can say you've engrained this habit in your life. It's part of who you are.

You may also have some less healthy habits, such as automatically reaching for the ice cream if you're stressed. Although this is understandable, of course it can be a bit counterproductive when it comes to gut health in particular.

Creating daily habits to support your digestive health can be the thing that makes or break your gut. Some small things you do every day can help you feel comfortable in your belly, and prevent any slip ups or flare-ups. Something everyone with gut issues wants to avoid at all cost!

Here are some of my favourites. (and some of my clients')


Gut health routine.

Wake up and have breakfast at the same time. Your digestive system also has a type of internal body clock, and keeping this regular can help with staying balanced.

Plan what meals to eat. Hello, meal prep! I can't say it enough, knowing in advance what I'm eating creates a peace of mind, but also prevents poor food choices, such as a last minute take away.

Daily meditation/deep breathing. Helping to support your nervous system and with that your digestion. Click here for a free breathing tips cheat sheet.

Take supplements when appropriate. If you know you function better when you take a daily probiotic, make sure to take it every day, and don't wait until you feel like rubbish to get reminded of it.

Move regularly. Regular movement aids digestion. Especially if you have an office job, it might be helpful to set timers to get up and move at regular intervals.

Speaking of movement. Some people find they freeze up if they have to do their big business elsewhere than at home, so make time for your daily sit-down to beat the bloat!


There's more...

Strike a pose. I love doing yoga daily to keep flexible, but did you know there are also very beneficial poses to support digestion? Be sure to check with your yoga teacher which poses would be best for you.

Manage stress. For a lot of my clients, stress is a major trigger for their digestive issues. When they learn how to manage their stress levels, they often find their guts calm down as well.

Use a bedtime routine. When you sleep is when you do most of your gut healing, so making sure you go to bed the same time and have good quality sleep is essential. Click here for my sleep tips cheat sheet.

Track/measure. The most successful clients use a daily habit tracker to be able to 'tick off' their tasks. This can be really helpful with staying on track and making sure you do everything, every day. You can use an app, reminders on your phone, or a journal or diary.

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