9 Signs You Might Have Digestive Issues

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

Have you ever felt that something is just 'off'. And you can't seem to put your finger on what it is exactly?

I hear you! For ages, I couldn't tolerate eating any peppers. No joke, I was fine with all other foods, but if I ate even a sliver of a pepper, no matter if it was cooked or raw, my belly would blow up like a balloon within 20 minutes.

So what did I do? I cut out peppers. Didn't eat them for months, to have the exact same effect again if I did happen to eat some. Not eating peppers is not the end of the world, I know.

But still I like the taste of them.

This was a very clear sign that something was 'up' with my digestion, you can probably see that, right? (and luckily, since I've stopped eating gluten, peppers don't have an effect on my anymore. Bring on the chilli!)

But what about signs and symptoms that don't seem as clear as this?

You could have disruptions in your digestive system without realising it. Here are some obvious and not so obvious symptoms.

  1. Bloating. As I stated before, it may very well be that you react to certain foods, but the problem is actually a damaged digestive system overall, causing a reaction.
  2. Brain fog. We have all heard of a leaky gut by now, but your gut and brain are closely linked to one another, and the same thing can happen in your brain, leaving you feeling like you're swimming through a pool of cotton wool. 
  3. Nasal drip or extra mucus forming in your throat. A disrupted digestive system can activate your inflammatory system, creating more mucus or a post nasal drip.
  4. Frequent headaches. Your digestive system is where most of your serotonin is released, this neurotransmitter is linked to headaches, especially migraines. So, if your digestive system does not utilise serotonin optimally, headaches may be the result.
  5. Joint pains. Your digestive system is in charge of a large amount of your inflammatory markers, and a damaged digestive tract can cause systemic inflammation, leaving you with joint pain.
  6. Weight fluctuation. Your gut health (especially your microbiota) plays a big role in weight, appetite control and blood sugar.
  7. Skin, hair and nail problems. If you eat an unhealthy diet, or your digestive health is compromised, you don't optimally absorb the nutrients you need. And you can get brittle nails, dry hair, and skin problems. 
  8. Frequent colds and viruses. Your digestive system is where most of your immune cells do their work. If they see invaders, or if those cells are broken, you have a higher risk of getting a cold or flu. 
  9. Hormonal imbalances. A good part of your hormones are metabolised and 'ordered around' by your digestive system, and your liver.

That's quite a list right?

This is one, no, nine of the reasons why I'm so passionate about gut health. 

Now, are you aware of any of these symptoms? Can you link this back to a disrupted digestive system? If so, there's hope! I've made some small changes in my life and never felt so good, physically and mentally!

As Hippocrates once said: "All disease begins in the gut".

If you want to work on any or all of these symptoms, you can do so during the 12 Week Gut Health & Wellness + Coaching course. 

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