Eat good food, for better health and mood.

This 12 week digestive health and wellness transformation gives you all you need. You'll learn the 4 principles to: improve digestion (goodbye, bloating, cramps, discomfort), save time so you can enjoy doing things you like, set and get weekly 1-on-1 coaching to reach your own health goals, and find out ways to connect all the dots and bring more balance into your life.

During the 12 weeks, you will get familiar with the 4 principles that will bring your gut health and wellness together.

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What's included in your program?

video course

During the 12 weeks, you will receive a new educational video, covering the focus topic of the week. You'll learn how your digestive system works, how this can affect your body and mind, what steps to take to improve it. 

You will also be able to follow weekly cooking instructions to help you save time during the week.

step-by-step handouts

You will be able to download and print off some really handy, easy to follow written tutorials, check-lists, and cheat sheets.

You will also find shopping lists, recipes and meal plans to use.

These will help you keep your goals in check and can help you with motivation.

meal prep tutorials

Every week, you get the chance to follow a step by step meal prep tutorial, linking in with the topics we covered that week. With this easy to follow meal plan, you will keep including more and more gut-loving foods.


You live your life like everyone in their twenties, not caring a minute about your health.

This results in various symptoms, such as weight gain, digestive discomfort (bloating, cramps, diarrhea), low energy and mood.

This used to be me.

This was the result of my inactive, unhealthy lifestyle. It got so bad that for a long period of time, my digestion could not function fully, leaving me with depression and being overweight.

When I felt something had to change, I studied nutritional therapy, which lead me to study functional medicine and eventually become a health coach, to be able to combine all the dots.

My health went from suboptimal to thriving and feeling as happy and healthy as I've ever felt! 

Is this you?

You feel there is too much info out there, leaving you feeling at a loss and causing paralysis by analysis.

Time is an issue that holds you back from cooking from scratch and eating healthy?

There are lots of things you can do, and I'd love to help you get there when you join the 12 week Gut Health and Wellness Program. If you'd like to find out if this course could help you reach your goals, let's have a chat!

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Course Framework

Find out below what aspect of your health and wellness is covered each week.

Phase 1: The Basics

Week 1: Mindset, goal setting. Learn your why, goal setting, and find out what it going on in your life right now.

Week 2: Identify: Learn how to track your food, how your digestive system works and what suits your body best.

Week 3: Nutrition basics: nutrition, cooking skills, meal planning and meal prep

Phase 2: The next Level in Nutrition

Week 4: Inflammation: how inflammation happens, what it does to your body, how to reduce it

Week 5: Gut soothing foods: Soft foods, chewing well, nourishing foods

Week 6: Improve gut microbiome diversity. Learn what this means, how your microbiome impacts you and how to eat to improve

Week 7: Liver support. Why important, how to support

Phase 3: Lifestyle

Week 8: Toxins. Expansion on Liver support class

Week 9: Sleep, stress & Mindfulness

Week 10:  Self-Care. Learn the importance of self-care, the difference between self-care and self-comfort. Get simple tips to look after YOU, even with your busy schedule.

Phase 4: Set up a sustainable action plan

Week 11: Movement. Exercise and Bowel movement.

Week 12: Where to go from here, how to set yourself up for success

This program is for you if:

You want to take action to improve your digestion, and you are ready to go from feeling sluggish, uncomfortable and low. To: feel calm, restored, nourished and energized.

You are at a loss and overwhelmed by all the info out there. I hear your pain! My job is to make things simple and easy to follow, so you can actually follow the steps and get results!

You are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make positive, lasting changes. 

And you are curious to learn new cooking methods, lifestyle tips and time-saving tricks.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You want a magic pill. There is no such thing. Living a healthy and happy life takes time and effort. There are several ways to multitask, so you don't have to worry about not having any time left to do fun things!
  • You are not willing to change. "You cannot become what you want by remaining what you are."  In order to get where you want to be, you will need to take active steps and, with my help, you can find out which steps, big or small, you can take.
  • You believe this is ONLY a weight-loss program. This is not the primary goal of the program, however, most of my clients experienced some beneficial weight loss. During this course you will not be counting calories, or points. You will focus on nourishing your digestion, and replace the foods that don't suit you.
  • You have any diagnosed conditions where making big changes is not recommended. Do clear any big changes with your medical professional before starting the programme.


"I was in a health crisis that originated in my gut when someone suggested I try Jorien’s course. I had a free consultation with her, which was great to have before I signed up. From the off Jorien had such a lovely, upbeat, and caring attitude. I did the 12-week gut health course with her. The course covered so much. The format of the course gave the information module-by-module, which meant really looking closely at the information and having time to assimilate it. The information has really stuck, and I had time to make some great, lasting new habits in my diet and self-care. Jorien was always so nice and enthusiastic, very caring and helpful; she made herself available to answer questions, pass on more information, and share in the highs and lows. Overall the course was really helpful for me at a crucial time in my journey to better health, and Jorien was a lovely coach. I can highly recommend Jorien and the 12 Week Gut Health course to anyone who wants to change how they view their diet and health. The holistic approach that Jorien takes means you get much more than just diet information, too."

Mum of 3

"Jorien has been a great help and she has been an amazing coach who has supported me and help me and therefor my family to eat better through a healthier way of cooking and preparing food... Jorien is a caring, and warm person with a lovely way about her. She is also very passionate and knowledgeable so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! "


"Hi, Jorien! I want to express my appreciation for your course, I found it informative, useful and particularly suited to my needs. I would recommend the course to my friends and family without hesitation."


"I met Jorien last year when she was talking volunteers for wellness coaching. I knew I needed to make some lifestyles changes but I wasn’t really sure what, so I thought I’d try it to get some direction. It was honestly the best thing I could of done for myself. Jorien was a joy, so supportive and encouraging through out the whole time we did the coaching and such positive energy to be around. I amazed myself by giving up smoking at the end of it. It also helped me address some major stressors in my life and how to address them. So recently when I wanted to look at getting a bit healthier and improving my diet, Jorien was the first person I thought of. I've just finished the “12 weeks to a happy gut” course with weekly videos, recipes and one to one coaching. It’s given me such amazing insight as to why certain eating habits emerge, why for eg. after a bad nights sleep I feel like eating junk food all day. It’s such an empowering feeling to understand your body and it’s chemistry and how to work with it. I loved it. I can’t recommend Jorien enough."

Massage therapist

"I began working with Jorien three years ago. I had torn cartilage in my knee and could not walk. I knew I would put on a huge amount of weight if I continued to eat the way I had been. I decided to do something about it so I began the nutrition plan. I completed three monthly sessions, face to face. I was amazed with the results. I not only maintained my original weight but also lost weight. A bonus. I began to feel very clear mentally, and I looked very well. People were coming up to me and saying how well I looked. Two years later I enrolled in the new 12 week online programme with Jorien. I felt I had more work to do and also I was beginning to slip back into eating gluten and sugar. This time round my work was a lot deeper and included age old addictions to sugar and comfort eating. I really embraced all that Jorien was teaching me and most of all the support she gave me with my compulsive eating. Jorien was available to coach me every step of the way. She would text me and ask how I was getting on. I would text her and let her know how I was doing. If I felt tempted to ‘gorge ‘ on food and have a sugar ‘hit’ I would text her first and the impulse would pass. Sometimes I would eat the wrong things and then I could text her or ring her and she would reassure me that it was about keeping going not about perfection. Without this I would not have been able to keep going. Again the results were above and beyond my expectation. My gut is so good now, regular and easy. In hindsight I had severe constipation but didn’t even realise it. Now I love pulling on jeans, my stomach no longer feels bloated. Again I lost weight. Without intending to. And this was at a time of lockdown when my physical activity was very confined and all around me family and friends were putting on weight. I sleep much better. I absolutely love my food. It's full of colour and vegetables. And fruit. I no longer eat gluten, sugar or dairy. The real test came when I was given a present of a jar of beautiful home made Seville Marmalade. To me this was like a pot of liquid gold!! I am a huge marmalade fan. I could not dump not it and there was no-one to give it too, as marmalade is an acquired taste. I put it in a press and kept it until I completed the 12 week course. Then I made a marmalade cake (with mixed results) and only ate a little slice. I now have great control and choice over my eating and feel more energetic and creative. I have begun to paint and write, things I always wanted to go but never got round to. I cannot recommend this course enough and hope you try it out for yourself. "



How much time?

This depends on a couple of things: your cooking skills, and how much you can/need to/want to prepare in advance. We spend about 2 hours prepping food, but you save most of this time during the week, when you need to bang out those speedy dinners. 

Then we spend 1 hour together to set goals, overcome obstacles, and agree on new commitments for the week.

The video material ranges from 10-30 minutes. Including some planning, logging and spending time in our private facebook group, it would take about 4 hours in total. 

What else do I need?

You don't need to go out and buy a lot of things most people don't already have.

A printer is handy for your handouts, and basic cooking utensils such as:

a good knife set

chopping boards

baking trays

oven proof stew dish or slow cooker

storage jars in different sizes, ideally made of glass

Where do I get help?

I'm going to be your sounding board for the next couple of months, and you can ask my help any time. We will work closely together and it's my mission to see you through to the finish line. 

You also get access to the private facebook group where you can share any thoughts and ask for other peoples opinions.

I also believe it's important to ask for help from the people close to you. To give you the time to go on a call with me, to give you space to prepare the meals, or do it together as a family.

Do you have any questions?

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