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'You are not your digestive issues.'

You are not your bloated belly after eating, uneasy feeling, your nausea, your constipation or diarrhoea, your tiredness or your anxiety that comes with these symptoms. Even though sometimes I know it can feel that way.
You are so much more than that. You are an example, a leader, you are unique and you are a friend. But right now, your feeling of discomfort stands in between you and living your ideal life:
Your out of balance digestive system.
Let’s celebrate your gut, including all its feelings, rumbles and tumbles.
Because, after all, this is one of the best things in your body has and, if fed well, approached to it’s advantage, can make us feel amazing and on top of the world!
I’m here to help you balance your digestion to a state where you can enjoy life, feel energised and take on the challenges of everyday life, without all the suffering.
I know what you are going through, I’ve been there.

Not sure what to do exactly to improve your gut?

This is why I created the Happy Gut Coach: to use a dynamic mix of nourishing food and recipes, movement, community, self-care and coaching. All of this combined to get you to be who you are meant to be: feeling light, healthy, full of energy and ready to take on the world! Are you ready for that? 
I'm here to help you work with more than just your digestion, but with all of YOU.
Let’s get clear on what it means to have top-tip digestion.
Here, digestion is all about your gut, gut feelings, absorbing nutrients and getting the best out of your food.
Tip-top digestion means, regular and uncomplicated bowel movements, the feeling of not being slowed down by your life and what you eat, following your gut instincts and glowing from the inside out.
Here, digestion helps you feel empowered, strong, in control, happy, calm and confident.

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Everyone is different and everyone is in a different situation. In terms of ability to make changes, use time or commitment.
This is why you can choose different programs, depending on your current situation. 


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Previous clients' success stories.

Time better spend

With the help of learning how to meal prep, one client found she is now using her time in the kitchen more efficiently. This is resulting in her spending less time cooking overall, using the spare time to spend with family.

No more symptoms

During the end of the 12 week program assessment, my client realised that all her symptoms she listed in the beginning had disappeared. She is now free from indigestion, constipation and sleeps through the night. 

More energy

After only a couple of weeks, one of my clients reported back to me to feel more energy. She doesn't feel the need to nap in the afternoon anymore, and feels she is absorbing the nutrients from the food she eats more efficiently.